About Kidz at Collage Pre-School and BabyCenter


Kidz At Collage aims to provide a happy, caring, secure educationally based environment for each child. The minute you walk in the door you feel at home.

We continuously work to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and informal providing a ‘second home’ for your child.

The needs of parents and Guardians are also taken into consideration. We do our utmost best to accommodate parental wishes. We encourage all parents to get involved in the activities of the Pre-School and welcome any suggestions or ideas that you may have. Two-way communication is an important part of Kidz At Collage’s philosophy.

Our Story

Kidz@Collage Pre-School and BabyCentre was started in January 2010 by Collage Community ChurchWe are a dual-medium (English and Afrikaans) crèche for babies from 2 months old to grade R children.

Child education is our passion and we always put your child first. Our teaching is based on a firm Christian foundation.We communicate openly trusting and respecting each other. We commit ourselves to quality services and appreciate input.

Kidz At Collage want to form a happy, balanced, well achieved child with beautiful memories for the person he/she will be tomorrow. We believe that children must enjoy every moment at school and learn through playing. At